Whistle Blowing

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We are delighted to provide a whistle blowing service to organisations who are looking for a professional, quality and external independent firm that all employees can safely go to in the event they have any concerns under 'whistle blowing'.

As a result, the details for the whistle blowing procedures should be updated as part of the employee handbook, employee starter pack or provided in a staff bulletin but please get in touch if your organisation is registered and you don't have the details.


We already have a number of financial service firms that we provide a whistle blowing service to, using the very best practice providing a professional service for an area that any serious organisation and management board respects.

As a standard part of this service, we provide an independent report for each board meeting and regularly review, update our processes. We also provide within the report market information on whistle blowing provided elsewhere to the regulator or current themes, areas of concerns raised consistently across the industry along with expert commentary.

Please note the identity of the whistle blower will always be confidential and never disclosed under any circumstances.

If there is a strong chance that the whistle blower can be identified then the details of the case may be reduced in order to avoid detection but this will be outlined within the terms and conditions.

This is not a replacement service for the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) whistle blowing service,

FCA Website

Email: whistle@fca.org.uk

This service should also not be used if an active serious criminal offence has taken place, but in the case of a criminal offence, we would always advise to inform the police immediately via 999.

We are very experienced in the area of whistle blowing and as a result can provide the service to capture and / or investigate any whistle blowing claims that has been raised for any organisation registered for this service.

Where appropriate an Ad-Hoc escalation meeting will be scheduled, in the event that a case reported is so serious that attention must be brought to all board members immediately.

We provide clear terms of reference and procedures as to where and how Lloyd Expert Consultancy will act in the event that any employee raises concerns.

For more information or if you believe your firm is registered for this service and require more information then please get in touch for our whistle blowing pack,