Financial Conduct Authorisation (FCA) Permissions

If you are looking to obtain any permissions from the FCA, our Lloyd Experts are here to help you document the strategy and plan to achieve authorisation from the FCA.

Authorised Coporate Director ACD, Funds, Fund Setup, FCA, Financial Services Programme Change Management, Management Consultant

We do not provide compliance guidance but work with our approved partner, threesixty services, which when combined ensures success when seeking permissions.

Permissions can include,

1. Discretionary Fund Management
2. Advisory Management
3. Appointed Representative

How long the application takes to get approval really depends on the level of engagement and current workload with the FCA. However we do work to have a very good understanding of the FCA and give you the best chance of approval within a meaningful time frame.

The process for achieving approval is as follows,

  • Stage 1: Sit down with management to understand the strategy, rationale and reasoning
  • Stage 2: Write up the strategy and allocate the right FCA approval form
  • Stage 3: Assess the staff suitability for the permissions sought
  • Stage 4: Engage with partnered compliance firm to review and assess the strategy
  • Stage 5: Complete the FCA application
  • Stage 6: Submit the application through the portal and pay the relevant fee
  • Stage 7: Receive questions / queries from the FCA and respond accordingly
  • Stage 8: Respond to any questions
  • Stage 9: FCA final review / assessment
  • Stage 10: Approval / Decline FCA Application with reasons why or effective date

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