Mergers & Acquisitions

Authorised Coporate Director ACD, Funds, Fund Setup, FCA, Financial Services Programme Change Management, Management Consultant

We are constantly working with Wealth Managers, Asset Managers and IFAs who are interested in growing their business and acquiring similar or merging with strategic firms.

Our Merger & Acquisition client list is strictly confidential and no firm we have worked with for these services are known to the wider market or industry until point of merger / acquisition announcement. This allows for sensitive and managed communications throughout the process both internally and externally.

It is a big decision to decide on when to merge and how a merger may work. Therefore Lloyd Experts are highly qualified in preparing firms in any decisions made and ensure that every aspect is covered or understood.

it is important to understand the options, packages and most importantly tax liabilities and varying options around this as the figure at the end can be significantly different if firms aren't careful.

Non-disclosure agreements are very important and adhered to at every point during the initial and transition stages.

If you are looking to acquire, be acquired, merging with another client, bank, wealth manager or IFA then please email,

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