Trading & Operations

Authorised Coporate Director ACD, Funds, Fund Setup, FCA, Financial Services Programme Change Management, Management Consultant

Lloyd Expert Consultancy Ltd are often requested to review the current business model of an operations department and team.

Operations can be a busy place and often teams find themselves constantly adding to their workload without having the time to fully analyse how operations runs and could it be more efficient and effective.

Lloyd Experts can very quickly identify if there are any opportunities of saving time and costs within any operational function. Once assessed and identified your Lloyd Expert will then work with you on the future model and solutions. Our Experts can implement this change for you or provide you with support and the process to make the changes happen.

All our Experts are qualified in Lean Six Sigma and as a result can provide the required assessment and support to help with the efficiency and effectiveness of the current setup.

We can provide simple support around documentation, creating process flows to developing and implementing world wide new solutions of operations.

Time, effort, rework and resources are an essential part of understanding what is required.

We have achieved regular increased efficiency across a multitude of teams in an operational setting and are well versed and experienced in this area to provide clients with excellent solutions.

For trading Lloyd Experts discuss the current setup, alternative options, assess the output and risk factor when reviewing the setup of how trades are done whether on a wholesale basis or individual client level for model portfolios.

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