Fund Management Selection

Fund Management Selection

Lloyd Expert Consultancy assist clients who, as the sponsor, are looking to appoint a Fund Manager to manage the fund and sign upto the Investment Management Agreement (IMA).

Now with so much choice out there, 70 times more funds than stocks, it can be a mine field.

However Lloyd Expert Consultancy has been working within the markeplace for a decade now and is able to assist clients with this important selection.

Many of the fund managers we have access to do not openly advertise the services and ability for mandates but will work with Lloyd Experts following a quality review of the sponsor requirements.

All fund managers considered appropriate are vetted, interviewed and investigated at length.

Our independent matrix scoring and review does not always result in fund managers with a proven track record being shortlisted but it is driven more by the sponsors vision and thoughts for the fund itself.

We are completely independent and do not work with any particular fund manager for selection but merely assist the sponsor in narrowing the selection field effectively and efficiently.

In addition to this we are able to advise and provide the most effective criteria for the selection of a fund manager to manage any given fund. This in turn results in the best value and most cost effective solution for the fund achieving a competive OCF within a saturated marketplace.

We have successfully partnered up a number of Fund Managers with sponsors ensuring a hard to beat solution and cost that cannot be achieved directly or publically in the marketplace.

For more information or to request a review as the sponsor please email,