Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Through our Social Responsibility we believe in providing support for our children's future and want to make a positive impact on young people that may inspire, drive them to do well. We want to do this by giving up our time and funding on activities and events that are conscious of health and well being.

As a result we will sponsor a number of events and organisations in the UK that work with children throughout the year. We will also support charities that aim to provide support, help to children going through difficulties or less fortunate.

We do encourage all our clients and partners to do the same.

We provide voluntary time to helping and working with children whether it be outdoor events, sports or helping the environment. Our approach is to provide projects with the support and funding directly to ensure that the benefit is realised without unnecessary administration or management costs.

Therefore we will only fund projects that results in the support, gifts and money required going directly to the project on a £ for £ basis.

We will update on here throughout the year regarding our projects and events.


November 2017

As part of our social responsibility and determination in supporting children and families who have to deal with a child's short life expectancy our Lloyd Expert, Ryan Johnson, went to visit Francis House and on behalf of the firm donated £250 in support of an important cause.

Whilst we are a relatively young firm we believe in the outstanding work that charities do and positive impact they make on other peoples lives less fortunate that some.


December 2017

A child's imagination is really important for their future and as a result we feel passionate about giving every child the same where possible which is why we believe in the Woodstreet mission that provides children in poverty with toys at Christmas to encourage their imagination and happiness.

Our Lloyd Expert, Ryan Johnson, went along to donate a number of toys for children at Christmas on behalf of Lloyd Expert Consultancy.


Katherine Jenkins - Grief Encounter

March 2018

Each year 40,000 children in the UK suffer the death of a parent. Unfortunately I have been included in this statistic twice in my life growing up for which no words or descriptions can explain the pain and suffering as a result. The truth is that if a child doesn't have any intervention then they will suffer from mental health issues later on in life.

However the purpose of Grief Encounter is to support each child and family when a death does occur in a number of ways. This charity receives no government funding at all.

Please take 5 minutes to watch this video and visit the grief encounter website, Grief Encounters

This charity is close to the heart of Lloyd Expert Consultancy Ltd. We support the efforts of Grief Encounters making this is available to everyone in the UK, any additional support is greatly appreciated.

Grief Encounter

December 2018

Lloyd Expert Consultancy Ltd is pleased to donate a cheque for £1,000 to the Forrest school project that aims are encouraging children to explore outside, the environment, understanding nature and the natural habitat.