Fund Management

Authorised Coporate Director ACD, Funds, Fund Setup, FCA, Financial Services Programme Change Management, Management Consultant

Lloyd Expert Consultancy Ltd was born out of the need from clients wanting to create funds, understand fund management and the associated risks, considerations.

Lloyd Experts have helped clients with,

  • Launch new funds
  • Setup a fund management team
  • Ensure that the day to day management setup is fit for purpose
  • Workflow and Operational Management review
  • Realise efficiency

Examples of what clients often ask us,

1. If the level of due diligence on investments is enough?
2. What if anything could be added or improved?
3. How does the running of the fund(s) compare to others in the market place?
4. Is my OCF too high and how can we lower it?
5. Can we review the operational setup?
6. Could the management of the funds be done better?
7. Are we using the best suppliers to administer the fund?
8. What trading options and systems are out there for my type of business setup?

Lloyd Experts enjoy working with fund managers to solve problems and provide extra support to ensure they are ahead of the game and have a pathway in the future.

Please reach out for a free initial no obligation discussion on fund management,