A list of the 15 current active external ACDs...

A list of the 15 current active external ACDs...

Saturday 25th January 2020
Ryan Johnson

A large number of regular queries come into Lloyd Expert Consultancy Ltd in relation to the ACD marketplace and who is currently operating.

Therefore to help assist anyone looking to understand who is currently operating within the market place and in NO particular order we have listed the active suppliers, (list and hyperlinks correct at the time of publication),

- Margetts
- Yealand
- Equity Trustees
- IFSL Fund Services
- Valu Trac
- T.Bailey
- Link Asset Services
- Castlefield
- Maitland
- Fund Rock
- Smith & Williamson
- Carne Group
- Tutman
- Host Capital (DMS)
- Way Group

In general terms, no one ACD is better than another and it is really down to what the manager is looking for and requires from an ACD that a choice of the correct ACD can be made.

Hopefully you find the above list useful but please reach out if you have any questions or queries.